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Unleash the power of your farm data

Remove data silos across your systems, quantify your decisions with data, get insights and analysis powered by advanced AI delivered to your inbox and to your wider team.

“Connecterra has helped me keep track of changes made on the farm throughout the year and be able to look back and quantify the impact of those changes.”

Nathan Brandt Herd Manager, Four Cubs Dairy

“It helped centralize all of our herd data (Bovisync), cow monitoring data, and feed info all into one database making it very easy to go through herd information and results.”

Kevin Ryan Herd Manager, Milk Source, LLC

“It allowed us to make changes on pen level and quantify the results quickly, to see if its something we want to replicate in the other pens or discontinue.”

Jake Peissig Owner, JTP Farms

AI-powered operational summaries with Copilot

Save time browsing through data with advanced AI technology – get a summary of key changes and their causes directly in your inbox. Easily identify and address issues that are hard to spot.

Measure the impact of your decisions with data

Enable automatic discovery of changes you made on the farm and quantify your interventions with data. Automatically track the impact of your decisions on key metrics and identify the return on your time and money investments. Model different decision scenarios with AI-powered predictions.

Analytics – all your farm data in one place

Visualize, compare and analyze all your farm data from all your systems in one, easy to use platform. Frustration free analytics built for busy people.

There’s more

Another pair of eyes keeping track of what you don’t want to miss

The platform connects to and integrates with over 32 global sources, like your DHMS, milking system and feed software.

Easy to use app accessible on all your devices

The app moves seamlessly between the office and the barn on your mobile, tablet and desktop.

Access for your team for easy data sharing

With just a few taps, you can grant access to farm advisors and key team members for better alignment and recommendations.

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