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The Connecterra platform is designed to tackle the dairy industry’s toughest challenges. We integrate with the largest farm data providers globally and can easily connect to new or first-party sources. We go beyond aggregation with proprietary artificial intelligence models that proactively improve data quality. Our Intelligence capabilities power features that simplify analysis and deliver actionable insights via the Connecterra app. Our APIs streamline development projects and connect seamlessly to in-house analytics tools.

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Our Solutions

Addressing dairy industry’s macro challenges means solving problems across the value chain. Connecterra provides solutions for farm advisors and farmers as well as corporate teams in sustainability, R&D and digital innovation departments. Choose from a suite of standard options for rapid implementation. Or leverage our platform‘s flexibility to tailor features and functionalities to meet individual requirements. You’ll work more efficiently, save valuable time, empower better decision making and facilitate better collaboration.  

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About Us

Connecterra is an artificial intelligence company that empowers the dairy industry to become more productive and sustainable. Our team is a mix of seasoned dairy and tech industry veterans. We are continual innovators who challenge the status quo. We put people first and use technology for good. We partner with farmers and enterprises across the value chain to create solutions with measurable impact.

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