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Data-driven advice for better customer relationships

Farmers increasingly expect data-driven, consultative guidance from their farm advisors. But who has time to dig through endless spreadsheets or antiquated systems? Connecterra’s app simplifies analysis across customers while enabling advisors to dig deeper into data at the farm level. Customizable notifications enable a more proactive response to on-farm changes. Decision support tools like impact tracking and game plans empower stronger collaboration as well as showing the ROI of advice or products.  

The Connecterra app moves seamlessly between the office and the road with easy-to-use designs for mobile, tablet and desktop. And getting started is simple—our best-in-class onboarding ensures your teams are supported from day one.

Benefits for farm advisors

Save valuable time

More proactive advice

Measure your impact

Create digital solutions that differentiate your brand

Farmers are increasingly choosing products with a clear ROI. With Connecterra’s platform, your innovation team can create a digital experience that helps quantify product value and sets your brand apart from competitors. Off-the-shelf access to our Data API provides access to a standardized data set. We can also easily integrate new or proprietary data sources, which can be translated into new charts or insights in the Connecterra app. Have your own model but no way to visualize output? Use our intelligence capabilities to host it and surface insights within the Enterprise app.  

Connecterra also goes beyond technical work to ensure your digital transformation initiatives are a success. We partner closely with your team to ensure all stakeholders are supported from project initiation to scaled rollout.  

Benefits for digital innovation teams

Flexible and customizable

Collaborative and supportive


Strengthen your R&D initiatives with real-time farm data

New product development requires significant time and financial investments. Connecterra’s platform can save valuable hours spent on manual data collection without compromising research quality. Our data integration capabilities capture, standardize and normalize individual farm data in real-time. Each data point is evaluated against our industry-leading data quality process for a trustworthy data set. Access is a snap—our easy-to-use Data API powers internal tools or connects to simple Excel sheets. Your teams can also use the Enterprise app for easy-to-interpet charts.  

Benefits for R&D teams

Save valuable time

Flexible and agile


Better decisions and big-picture planning for farm leadership

Your farm’s data can strengthen your confidence in big decisions or recommendations from advisors or consultants. But who has time to dig through endless spreadsheets or archaic computer systems? Connecterra’s app simplifies your analysis by consolidating your data into holistic, easy-to-interpret charts that give an overview of herd and operational KPIs. Customizable insights proactively alert you to changes. Built-in tools enable you to easily track the impact of products or actions on the herd and create measurable action plans in the Game Plan Tool.  

 The Connecterra app moves seamlessly between the office and the barn on your mobile, tablet and desktop. And with just a few taps, you can grant access to farm advisors and key team members for stronger recommendations and cross-functional collaboration. 

Benefits for farmers

Save valuable time

More informed decisions

Better advice and collaboration

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