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Artificial intelligence enhances data quality and simplifies analysis

Better visibility into data accuracy

Errors aren’t always easy to find within millions of points. Our models automatically identify and flag potentially inaccurate or missing data points.


We follow rigorous data quality protocols to ensure you have access to datasets and KPIs that you can trust. 

More efficiency

Custom models and rules-based logic power features in the Connecterra app that proactively surface critical changes or potential correlations in KPIs. You’ll save time while increasing the depth and quality of your analysis.

Setting a new standard for farm data quality

Our data science team combines rules-based logic with proprietary artificial intelligence models to address the toughest challenges in data quality. Each data point is evaluated against six dimensions, or quality criteria. Our models detect anomalies, and poor quality or missing data is flagged to increase transparency. Predictive models fill gaps responsibly. The result? A data set you can trust. 

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Unlock more insights while saving time with correlation models

Farm changes typically impact more than one KPI, but quickly finding the ones that matter can become time consuming. Connecterra’s first proprietary correlation model assesses every KPI in seconds to identify changes that may have a relationship. For Connecterra app users, relevant charts are surfaced for faster, easier comparison.

Create custom insights with the Insights API

Do you have insights derived from data, but no customer-facing app? Connecterra’s Insights API makes it easy to share custom insights in the Connecterra app. Our team helps you tailor insight details for the best user experience and facilitates deployment for a smooth launch. The API also enables customers to provide feedback, enabling you to refine your insights. 

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