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A cutting edge approach to data integration

Real-time updates

Daily refresh with the latest data from dairy herd management software, feed management software, processor data, daily milk weights, wearables and a third-party weather API

Comprehensive and consistent

Information stored at any level available from the data source. All data is normalized and standardized for easy comparison between sites and farms.

Flexible and independent

Agnostic to individual software brands. Four unique integration methods to fit specific source or format requirements. Our data set is fully cloud-based and hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. 


Built for growth, with an average integration time of two weeks for existing data source types.  

We respect and protect farm data

Privacy and security are integral for all customers. Connecterra complies fully with the European Union’s GDPR requirements as well as the California Data Protection Act. We follow best-in-class protocols to ensure our platform aligns with corporate security requirements. Connecterra firmly respects each farmer’s ownership of their data with clear, easy sharing options for each partner. 

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