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The Analytics feature visualizes farm data in 75+ KPI charts across 8 interactive dashboards. Easily view, compare and analyze farm data to spot trends, issues and opportunities for improvement. Add KPIs to your Favorites dashboard to view your key metrics in one place. Easily compare multiple KPIs in a single page, while our custom A.I. model surfaces KPIs with potential correlations. Our charts are powered by our data integration and intelligence capabilities for an effective, accurate analysis


Farm Timeline

The farm timeline provides a chronological snapshot of farm events and operational changes, augmenting data analysis and helping identify potential causes in KPI changes. 

Impact tracking tool

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We help you understand how changes you make or recommend impact farm KPIs. This easy-to-use tool allows you to make better decisions and demonstrate the value of your recommendations.

KPI Insights

We monitor key KPIs and send automatic notifications for significant changes in farm metrics. Choose the KPIs you’d like to monitor and customize the thresholds to receive an alert when the value goes above or below it. You can proactively address issues or opportunities without constantly digging through data. 

Game Plan Tool

Create collaborative action plans with your team, monitor progress and measure results. You can set objectives, choose your KPIs and targets, and assign tasks with due dates. The tool automatically adds tasks into each team member’s task list. You’ll have clear visibility into the impact of plans and more efficient collaboration.

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